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What Exactly is Business Development? Do I really need it?

Setting up and running a business on a day-to-day basis can be quite a herculean task. Among the varieties of risks that businesses face include – strategic, compliance, operational, financial and reputational. We work with you to plan for the future of your business by offering information and guidance on identified areas of need. 

What We Can Help You With

Hatytude’s proven expertise finds full expression in the following:


Holistic exploration of financial records and business information for all sides


Operations restructuring, training and management development programs


Development of a business and strategic marketing plan and support services


Organization of customized workshops and business matching sessions

Cost Reduction

Development and implementation of cost reduction plans


Loan structuring/funding strategies for growth and expansion plans

Registration of companies with Federal Government Agencies

In line with our commitment to the seamless business operations of small, medium and big enterprises, as well as trade partners, we have a specialised team that handles the process of registration with relevant government regulatory agencies.

We ensure that our clients meet all documentation requirements by obviating all the potentially daunting hurdles they have to navigate. Our goal remains to make the processes as straightforward and as smooth as possible, leaving our clients with pleasurable memories. 

Company registration

Financial Due Diligence

  • Our experts identify all relevant critical factors, bringing them to the fore to ensure a thorough understanding of the target business and perform background checks on directors and major shareholders of target organizations.
  • We provide an independent view of businesses, thus providing comfort to the buyer and seller
  • We prioritize the analysis of financial records of the target(s) and gather and all relevant business information.

Business Matching

  • Hatytude Consulting provides SMEs with avenues to meet potential investors and customers to successfully pitch their products and services through business missions, and through virtual means.
  • Our business matching events have successfully linked small businesses with related industry leaders, large corporations and government bodies. 

Data Analytics

We recognize the relevance of evaluated data in providing insight on the next steps to take as an organization, and meeting fully your customers’ needs according to the capacity of your organization. We connect our clients with Artificial Intelligence tools with a myriad of capabilities including customer behavior assessment, and extensive inter-sectorial data banks (with huge data volumes which help with predictive assessment)

Tax Advisory Services

  • We have meticulously designed unique tax advisory services which enable business owners focus on running their enterprises whilst we take up the task of keeping track of tax regulations and how they apply to enterprises.
  • Through collaborations with seasoned tax consultants, we devise strategies for businesses to plan for taxes and, when possible, act ahead of time in order to reduce possible taxes in future. We help our clients save money by making wise financial decisions about tax-related issues. 

Development and Implementation of Strategic Marketing Plans

  • We furnish every client with a formidable marketing plan, including thorough assessment of the company’s business environment, situational analysis, and marketing goals. 
  • Our Strategic Marketing Plans make organizations capable of weathering challenges, provide direction, and contribute to their overall efficiency.

Specific Market Study and Market Assessment

  • Our Market Analysis Service provides our foreign clients with a thorough evaluation of a market/industry, with emphasis on its volume and value, demographic segments and their economic behaviours, and existing players/competitors
  • Hatytude will carry out a thorough overview of your industry, a look at your target market, an analysis of your competition, your own projections for your business, and any regulations you will need to comply with.

Hatytude Business Clinic Consultation Sessions

We provide our clients with a virtual consultation service, where they can elucidate their business challenges and receive expert advice. The first hour of the session is free, with subsequent hours charged at a fee, providing added value for every prospective client.

Assistance with loan structuring and funding strategies

This is to assist clients with growth and expansion plans: Investors, commercial banks, private equity.

  • At a glance, many factors may seem to threaten the process of securing a loan. However, at Hatytude, we ensure win-win situations for our clients by overcoming the everyday hurdles that would ordinarily have stood in their way.
  • Our loan structuring service ensures seamless receipt of capital which makes investment possible even under seemingly unfavourable situations.

Business Consulting

  • At Hatytude, we work directly with business owners on identifying marketing needs and developing the necessary skills for business ownership. 
  • We identify and scrutinize issues businesses have, recommend timely measures, and set up structures to successfully implement these recommendations.
  • We mobilize proven management systems to develop your organization and steer it in the direction of your goals.

Development of business plans and support services

  • The key deliverable of this service is a compendious strategic tool that not only helps you to focus on the specific steps necessary to make your business idea succeed, but also to achieve both your short-term and long-term objectives.
  • We provide versatile plan options for our clients, including drafting original business plans, updating existing business plans, and product-specific business cases.

Human Capital Development

  • We organize trainings, seminars and workshops aimed at developing the quality of staff in an organization, to position them for continuous service excellence.
  • Trainings are professionally tailored to the specific needs of the organization, in conformity with management’s values, mission and vision.

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